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Reuters: Clinton says Republican extremists divided country

It’s about time someone is concentrating on the divided nation!  More of the Reuter’s article:

Former President Bill Clinton told Iowa’s Democratic Party faithful on Saturday that the actions of “an extreme sliver” of the Republican Party have backfired and “profoundly divided” the country.

 “We’ve got a big responsibility. Forget about 2008. Forget about the politics. Just go out and find somebody and look them dead in the eye and say ‘You know, this is not right’…This is America,” Clinton said. “We can do better and this year, it’s a job that Democrats have to do alone.”

 More than 3,500 Iowa Democrats paid $100 each to attend the fund-raising banquet that kicked off with Clinton’s speech. About 50 people paid $10,000 per couple to attend a private reception with Clinton beforehand.

 Republicans, who control the White House and Congress, Clinton charged “paint themselves as pure and the rest of us who don’t agree with them as stained” in order to divide the country and stay in power. “People know things are out of whack, that fundamentally the order of, the rhythm of public life and our common life as Americans has been severely disturbed,” he said.

Of course this divide has been helped along by the Evangelic Religious Right that the admin has been making fun of lately.


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Married Couple a minority?

The Seattle Times  quoting the Census Bureau says:

Married couples, whose numbers have been declining for decades as a proportion of American households, have finally slipped into a minority, according to an analysis of new census figures by The New York Times.

The American Community Survey, released this month by the Census Bureau, found that 49.7 percent, or 55.2 million, of the nation’s 111.1 million households in 2005 were made up of married couples — with and without children — just shy of a majority and down from more than 52 percent five years earlier.

The numbers by no means suggest marriage is dead or necessarily that a tipping point has been reached. The total number of married couples is higher than ever, and most Americans eventually marry. But marriage has been facing more competition. A growing number of adults are spending more of their lives single or living unmarried with partners, and the potential social and economic implications are profound.

Another part of the American Dream of  married, two kids (one boy-one girl), a house, two cars, and a good job that lasts a lifetime.  Yep, it’s definately a minority!

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Mehlman tied to Abramoff – Who isn’t lately!

The LA Times has an article, today, linking Ken Mehlman to Abramoff. Here’s an excerpt:

Newly disclosed e-mails suggest that the ax fell after intervention by one of the highest officials at the White House: Ken Mehlman, on behalf of one of the most influential lobbyists in town, Jack Abramoff.

The e-mails show that Abramoff, whose client list included the Northern Mariana Islands, had long opposed Stayman’s work advocating labor changes in that U.S. commonwealth, and considered what his lobbying team called the “Stayman project” a high priority.

“Mehlman said he would get him fired,” an Abramoff associate wrote after meeting with Mehlman, who was then White House political director.

The Abramoff hit list seems to be long and his emails are damaging to many repubs. Now if we could just get Norquist!!

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Olbermann!! What can I say…

The New Century’s Edward R. Murrow!!  AP via the El Paso Times has a great article about Keith. Here’s an excerpt or two:

Keith Olbermann’s tipping point came on a tarmac in Los Angeles six weeks ago. While waiting for his plane to take off he read an account of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld’s speech before the American Legion equating Iraq War opponents to pre-World War II appeasers.

The next night, on Aug. 30, Olbermann ended his MSNBC “Countdown” show with a blistering retort, questioning both the interpretation of history and Rumsfeld’s very understanding of what it means to be an American.

It was the first of now five extraordinarily harsh anti-Bush commentaries that have made Olbermann the latest media point-person in the nation’s political divide.

“As a critic of the administration, I will be damned if you can get away with calling me the equivalent of a Nazi appeaser,” Olbermann told The Associated Press. “No one has the right to say that about any free-speaking American in this country.”

Keith’s “Comment”  series has rocketed through the blog world and You Tube plus the MSNBC  “Countdown” site has the videos of all his “Comments” so far

His latest verbal attack, this past Thursday, criticized the president’s campaign attacks on Democrats.

“Why have you chosen to go down in history as the president who made things up?” he asked.

The rest of the article is here

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