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Yellow Magnets Ribbons – Just Words!

Yellow Magnet Ribbons on all the conservatice cars and SUVs. “Support Our Troops”!  And how did this administration support our troop?  Let’s ask how they didn’t support our troops.  And this is over and above the reason of attacking Iraq in the first place.

Older gear and guns from Viet Nam. Not enough flak jackets, the wrong kind of helmets, Jeeps and Humvees not fitted for protection from the bombs. Then of course they cut the Vets budget and are not taking care of our returning vets.

Now the Bush Admin, Big Pharma lobbies and our Conservative House of Representatives have another surprise for the vets.

From Stars & Stripes:

Military Update:

Move to cut Tricare drug costs fails in Congress

Discount dropped from defense bill after House balks at measure

By Tom Philpott, Special to Stars and Stripes
Pacific edition, Thursday, October 19, 2006
Pressured by the White House and drug industry lobbyists, Congress has killed a Senate-passed provision that would have forced pharmaceutical manufacturers to grant the Department of Defense deep discounts on drugs dispensed through the Tricare retail pharmacy network.House Republicans were under enormous pressure last month to sideline a provision inserted in the 2007 defense authorization bill that would cut 40 percent or more off the cost of many drugs available to Tricare beneficiaries through retail network pharmacies and stores.DOD officials contend that the Veterans Health Care Act of 1992 requires drugmakers to include Tricare retail drugs in Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) discount agreements negotiated with the Department of Veterans Affairs. The discounts already apply to drugs dispensed through base pharmacies, the Tricare mail order program and VA pharmacies.To avoid having to grant more discounts, drug manufacturers have filed a lawsuit challenging DOD’s contention. The Senate Armed Services Committee voted to make that lawsuit moot with clarifying language in its defense bill that federal discounts are to apply to Tricare retail drugs, too.After the Senate passed its bill, White House politicos began to pressure House Republicans to fight the Senate provision in final negotiations over the defense bill, in effect, undercutting their own Defense Department as it strives to curb soaring drug costs.

“Tremendous forces” targeted conferees from the armed services committees as they began to negotiate over the bill, said a staff member. “Pharmacies, drug manufacturers … the politics went right through the roof.”

Given that pressure, Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Texas, introduced a “motion to instruct” House conferees to accept the Senate’s drug discount provision when negotiating behind closed doors. Edwards, joined by several Democratic colleagues, argued that applying FSS discounts for Tricare retail drugs would save $251 million in 2007 alone. It also would suck the wind out of plans to hold down Tricare costs by raising co-payments on military retirees and others who use the more costly retail network.

Opposing Edwards’ motion was Rep. Steve Buyer, R-Ind., chairman of House Veterans Affairs Committee and a friend to drug manufacturers. Eli Lilly & Co. has its headquarters within miles of Buyer’s district. The company this year is his second largest campaign contributor, providing $10,000.

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Hardly surprising is it! Not with this admin and this congress. Has anyone even heard about this before? Has it been on Main Stream Media?


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