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This Administration doesn’t like oversight!

Now why would they do this?

Congress Closes Federal Accounting Agency In Iraq…

Was it because they were finding too much graft, incompetence and mismanagement of money!?!

Here’s more from CQ:

Investigators Say Appropriations Panel Lost Appetite for Oversight

Last month’s mass firing of House Appropriations Committee investigators followed years of declining appetite for tough oversight and partisan squabbles that the investigators say often stalled their work.

Several members of the team, some of whom spoke on the condition that they not be identified by name, defend their record against committee spokesman John Scofield’s charge that recent work was not good. They suggest instead that majority Republicans had no appetite for oversight of the Bush administration.

The investigators said they identified billions of dollars in potential savings every year, particularly in the Defense budget, and that they heard no complaints until Chairman Jerry Lewis, R-Calif., dismissed 60 contractors on Oct. 16.
Joseph Stehr, a retired FBI agent who had been a member of the team off and on since 1985, said he remains stunned by Lewis’ action. “It reeks, it really does,” he said. “It just amazes me that after 60 some years, that just with the swipe of a pencil the thing could all go away.”

Stehr said the team gave the committee a unique window into Defense programs. “Who is going to look into all of this? GAO? I don’t think so. They’re slow-pitch Wiffle ball, where we throw 90 miles an hour.”

Scofield said the dismissals were part of a review of the team, and that the investigators might be rehired.

But Stehr, who worked on a now-stalled study of Katrina relief spending as well as on Pentagon budget scrubs, said many of the former investigators are so disillusioned that they would not return if the committee decides to reconstitute its investigative team in the 110th Congress.

Much more to this article here:

This admin has been secretive, lying, scandal ridden, and has morphed into arrogant.

Wake up America!!! Please!


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Now the Troops are balking at this war in Iraq

I first noticed this on a CNN crawl.  Then I switched to MSNBC and the host was discussing this with a retired General.  65 active duty service members asking Congress to end the war in Iraq. Even they so no solution in “staying the course”.  Now GW is saying he never said that. Hah! There are recordings galore where he repeated and repeated “we have to stay the course”.  Lets hope we have a new congress to deal with this request!

Here’s the info we have so far:

Active troops ask Congress
to end Iraqi occupation

Monday, October 23, 2006

Active troops ask congress to end Iraqi occupation

from Alexander Mooney

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Sixty five active duty service members are officially asking Congress to end the war in Iraq — the first time active troops have done so since U.S. invasion began in 2003.

Three of the service members will hold a press conference Wednesday explaining their decision to send “Appeals for Redress” under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act to their members of Congress. Under the act, National Guard and Reservists can send communications about any subject to their member of Congress without punishment.

I will update this post as more becomes available.


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Confidence in U.S. Foreign Policy Index

 Anxious Public Sees Growing Dangers, Few Solutions

Americans are looking out on a world where they see growing dangers, few solutions and little in U.S. foreign policy that seems to be working. In this third edition of the Public Agenda Confidence in U.S. Foreign Policy Index, produced in association with Foreign Affairs, we’re introducing our new “Anxiety Indicator,” which will track the public’s overall outlook on world affairs much as the Consumer Confidence Index follows its view of the economy. Our first indicator shows that public anxiety on international affairs is at high levels (a score of 130 on a 200-point scale), enough to show a deep dissatisfaction with current policies. Read Public Agenda Chairman Daniel Yankelovich’s explanation of the Anxiety Indicator.

Majorities believe the world is becoming a more dangerous place for Americans and that international relations are on the wrong track. Yet the best-known policy strategies, such as actively creating democracies or economic development in Islamic countries, face skepticism from the public. Majorities do believe reducing dependence on foreign energy sources would enhance national security, and even stronger majorities think the government can do something to achieve it–yet nearly half give the United States failing grades in this area. A dangerous world is not as frightening if you have confidence in what the government is doing to cope with it. But increasing numbers of the public give the United States a “D” or “F” grade on accomplishing key foreign policy goals.

Traditionally, the American public focuses more on domestic concerns and gives leaders a lot more leeway in crafting foreign policy. But the threat of terrorism, the Iraq war and the seemingly endless series of crises in the Middle East have put foreign affairs front and center for the public. That’s reflected in the relatively high rating of our first Anxiety Indicator.

Read More…

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